Product Reviews

F-Control Audio FCA202 16th March 2016

FCA202_front1.jpg FCA202_front2.jpg FCA202_back.jpg FCA202_board1.jpg FCA202_board2.jpg

Tags: audio, firewire.
NWT4000 Network Analyzer 8th March 2016

nwt4000-assembled.jpg nwt4000-back.jpg nwt4000-connections.jpg nwt4000-front.jpg

Tags: case.
GM328 Transistor Tester 28th January 2016

GM328_Transistor_Tester.pdf GM328_v1.12k.tar.gz

GM328_Case_Side.jpg GM328_Case_Top.jpg

Tags: case, tester.
Measurements of the UV-5R transceiver 12th June 2015

2m-high.jpg 2m-low.jpg 70cm-high.jpg 70cm-low.jpg MHz145.1.png MHz435.1.png

Tags: ham, transceiver.