Emil's Projects

OpenHardware & OpenSource

MIDI Keys Velocity for Korg VolcaFM 4th January 2018
PreenFM2 SMD Version 13th November 2017
Galep4 DIL40 to TSOP48 programming adapter 4th September 2014
RGB Matrix Clock 9th August 2014
Desktop LED Lamp 2nd April 2014
Making a better HC-SR04 Echo Locator 22nd January 2014
Unlocking the Acer Cloudmobile S500 3rd June 2013
I2C interface with a cheap PCI GPS 19th April 2013
KINT disassembler and linux interpreter 5th December 2012
Single page printing in xpdf 25th June 2012
Changing WiFi Card in System76 Gazelle Laptop 24th June 2012
Reverse engineering the radar detector Beltronics Euro 550 29th September 2010
Tiny C Scrambling Compiler 30th April 2010
Tektronix TLA parser 19th December 2006
JTAG interface schematics 3rd March 2006
Graphic LCD display 28th August 2005

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